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The supply of packing paper is reduced and the demand for stacking will be brisk

2017-07-08 16:07:05 YIWU QIUYU PAPER PRODUCT CO., LTD. Read

The last week of June, the domestic paper prices continue to rise, with the industry's traditional season, packaging paper prices will continue, and is affected by the forecasted effect, papermaking industry boom is expected to continue to increase, A shares shanyingzhiye, Bo paper, Chenming Paper sun paper can focus on

The last week of June, the domestic paper prices continue to rise, the corrugated paper factory price rose 100-200 yuan / ton, up to 6 at the end of the domestic 120g high mainstream factory price 3500-4000 yuan / ton, last month rose 10%-27%. In the two quarter, the industry is not short off-season, the monthly price rose to 120g, high price, single quarter rose nearly 1000 yuan / ton, or nearly 30%.

Wrapping paper is a kind of paper used to pack all kinds of goods and materials. It has high physical strength and water resistance. The rise in paper prices can not be separated from changes in supply and demand. From the supply point of view, in December 2016, due to the environmental regulatory efforts to increase and the needs of economic development, in the lower reaches of Yangtze River and in the north of the small paper-making enterprises shut down a large number of rectification, or directly shut down, the paper gradually concentrated. Due to the closure of enterprises and the rectification of the supply, the supply of paper prices has brought rare opportunities.

In demand, with the rapid growth of the national economy and online shopping, the downstream packaging demand continues to grow steadily. It is expected that the growth rate of the industry demand in the next few years will remain at around 5%. At the same time, the arrival of summer, drinks and other hot weather downstream consumer goods demand significantly, packing paper will soon enter the seasonal peak demand, the increase in demand, the industry boom continued to improve.

The packaging paper prices rise, so that the profits of paper-making enterprises have also risen sharply, and some paper-making enterprises only half a year, the previous few years the industry downturn all flat. Ministry of industry and the latest data show that from 1 to April this year, the national paper industry total profit of 19 billion 740 million yuan, an increase of 84.7%, an alarming increase.

Paper prices rose, reflected in the performance of listed companies. The first half of 2017, sun paper, Jingxing, C & S, Qi Feng new material, Anne shares, Kaine shares 6 listed paper company expects net profit growth is the biggest change in the magnitude of 50% or more. Among them, the largest increase is Kaine shares, is expected in the first half of 2017 year-on-year growth of 782.45% to 953.07%. And Anne shares are expected in the first half of 2017, year-on-year profit growth of 542% to 628.76%.