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How to do ink washing and color change in envelope printing

2017-07-08 16:31:21 YIWU QIUYU PAPER PRODUCT CO., LTD. Read

How to do ink washing and color change in envelope printing

In the envelope printing process, especially color press, Y, M, C, or BK four-color printing, or trademarks, packaging and decoration often often need washing ink color change, on the whole the inking system of offset press stop cleaning, and then to replace the new ink. The ink scraping device for washing ink is composed of a rubber knife, an ink collecting slot and a tight loosening adjusting screw.

Wash ink: ink roller and doused in petrol in the car wash water, the scraping device in the wash ink groove, tighten adjustment screw, contact the rubber knife rollers appearance in 40 DEG and press the oscillating longitudinal and lateral motion, the inking system of the old the ink and the gasoline continuously after the rubber knife to wash the ink tank inside.

Wash ink color change washed clean and thorough, accurate grasp of color printing plays a key role, after washing the ink printing inks to hue is accurate, we should note the following points in the practice of washing ink color change during operation:

1. wash ink scraping device is installed, is necessary when washing ink color change, or due to other factors demand when cleaning rollers to reduce its device to offset, the eccentric pin device will be placed in the ink tank at both ends of the supporting shaft is fixed on the opening slot on the wall plate offset printing machine in the conditioning nut fixed on the wallboard of the party's iron. Then start the offset press, and screw the conditioning nut, make rubber knife blade to slowly oscillating exterior contact, the left and right ends of the adjustment screw contact pressure average request, rubber knife and rollers each part of the average contact, can fully scrape ink.

2. in the cleaning ink, in order to completely and cleanly eliminated ink and ink rollers on all traces, the best from the ink fountain in the area near the upper part, the roller and pouring gasoline, so cleaning waste ink can from the upper edge of rubber into receiving the ink trough, after a period of cleaning the roller will be able to wash clean.

3. inking rollers and ink cleaning parts, to wipe clean, clean, soft, clean and good water absorption fiber pile cloth to stop the liquidation.

4. clearing wash ink mechanism of scraping device to position accurately, the rubber blade and the oscillating appearance adhere to equal intervals and the same contact pressure.

5. clean, wipe to wipe with steady speed is faster, the offset in the operating conditions do not let wipe involved in roller.

6. wash ink color change request the operator from the upper roller and poured gasoline, to adhere to the average amount of cut gasoline do not make splash.

7. 、 smoking and open flame are forbidden in workshop, avoid fire when washing ink and changing color.

The operation state of 8. offset press, scrub rollers must pay attention to safety.

Watch the cuffs of the coat, hands and clothes, roller or roller is involved in the formation of human injury.

The operator coat overalls pocket stop carrying box keys, coins, ruler, pencil, pen and ink and other hard objects shovel and repair machine tools, in order to avoid falling into the roller and the formation of the accident.

9. wash ink change color, general condition has two kinds of conditions, one is light ink change to dark ink, and the other is dark ink change to light ink.

The way light color ink in the ink light dark ink into the dark ink becomes easier, a corresponding time saving cleaning roller. The first to use ink ink colored ink will shovel shovel out, just use ink scraper for clean rollers on the light ink, while clearing left in the roller on skin, hair and other debris to paper.

The dark ink for ink printing ink wash light color for color, dark ink into the ink roller on the light, clean higher request, cleaning more difficult to clean, high roller level, it requests the dark ink cannot be pale ink dirty, if the old ink roller clearing thoroughly clean will affect the color and hue is not accurate, light ink will have dark shadow, therefore, necessary to ink rollers, ink, shovel washed clean, then the ink on the ink coating to shovel roller, press roller to start, let the average light color ink stick, and then poured gasoline cleaning off. If not clean, can be repeated until the roller clean.